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Who we are

The Brazilian ESG Association is a non-profit civil society organization that brings together and represents individuals and legal entities, committed to ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance - standards and good practices.

We have more than 50 advisors and 500 associates. Together they represent more than 67% of the national GDP.

Our mission is to help Brazil become a global leader in ESG practices. Leaving a legacy for a more fair, sustainable and inclusive world.

We unite minds and hearts engaged in building a sustainable, inclusive and ethical future.

By participating in our mission, you become an integral part of a journey that transcends borders, positively influencing not only the present, but also generations to come.

Join us and contribute to shaping a future in which the pillars of ESG are the unshakable foundation on which societies and organizations rise along paths of sustainability, social responsibility and corporate transparency.

Join us on this epic journey of change and be part of this ESG revolution!


Our mission is to place Brazil at the epicenter of global transformation. We work tirelessly to promote and disseminate ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance - principles and good practices across all layers of Brazilian society. By joining forces and expertise, we are committed to building a sustainable, inclusive and ethical future for our country. Our mission is to inspire and empower individuals and organizations to adopt high ESG standards, positioning Brazil as a global leader on this journey.


We envision a Brazil where ESG pillars are not only adopted, but also celebrated in our society and economy. We imagine a country where environmental sustainability, social responsibility and corporate transparency are intrinsic to daily practices, shaping a scenario of prosperity, equity and progress for all. We want to be pioneers in this vision, leading the way towards a Brazil that not only follows, but defines global standards of excellence in ESG.


These fundamental values guide our actions and guide us in promoting a more sustainable, inclusive and ethical Brazil.



We encourage creativity and innovation, driving the search for transformative solutions that guide Brazil towards a more sustainable future.


Commitment to Excellence

We strive for excellence in all our activities, guiding our members to achieve the highest standards in ESG practices. We promote a sustainable, ethical and responsible environment.


Empathy and Diversity

We value diversity and practice empathy, promoting an inclusive society where all voices are heard, respected and celebrated.



We face challenges with determination, transforming adversity into opportunities for growth and continuous learning.


Integrity and Transparency

We act with integrity in all our interactions and promote transparency with our members, partners and stakeholders. We believe that trust is built on a solid foundation of honesty and transparency.


Collaboration and Partnership

We foster active collaboration and establish strategic partnerships to drive the ESG agenda. We recognize that effective solutions to complex challenges require the collaboration of diverse stakeholders, including businesses, governments, civil society organizations and local communities.

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